Pain Management      Amputee Phantom Pain led to the Invention of Farabloc High Tech. 25 Years of Pain Research!

柏克® Farabloc 醫療級護腰護膝系列 源自於疼痛復健的研究...

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Injury Related Pain
• Sports & other injuries

Discomfort Related Pain
• Menstrual Cramps

Illness Related Pain
• Arthritis, Bursitis

Phantom Pain
• Amputation

Medical Journals
• Health Care News
• Journal of Rehabilitation

• University Hospital (Vancouver)
• Workers' Compensation Board
War Amputees of Canada
• British Limbless Ex-Service

    Men's Association



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How does it work?

The human nervous system is similar to a complex set of electrical receptors and conductors, with the brain acting as a central receiving station. And since Farabloc blocks these magnetic and electromagnetic fields, it blocks the pain.

Invented more than thirty years ago to combat phantom limb pain caused by amputation, Farabloc has been researched in both Europe and North America, with results published in respected peer reviewed medical and scientific journals. Farabloc has been widely accepted by individuals as well as recognized health agencies and organizations. READ MORE

Farabloc close upFarabloc cloth tailored into various shapes and sizes can be used a wraps, bandages and even blankets. It is also tailored to create boots, knee bandages, carpal tunnel gloves and coverings for amputee stumps. Increasingly, Farabloc is being integrated into the manufacture of prosthetics, so that it is automatically performing its beneficial function without being independently applied.

Farabloc offers drug-free pain relief, often useful in avoiding surgery.

  • Farabloc looks and feels like linen and can be washed, dried and reused.
  • Farabloc can be cut, sewn and ironed like any other fabric.
  • Farabloc can be applied repeatedly without losing its effect.
  • Farabloc aids muscle relaxation and relieves lower back pain.
  • Farabloc may create a warming effect.
  • To sustain pain relief it is important that you keep Farabloc on for some time.
  • According to clinical studies, a double layer of Farabloc increases its

Pain relief or therapeutic?

Studies of Farabloc has demonstrated a profound positive impact upon blood chemistry, leading researchers to believe that the product is not just for pain relief, but likely an effective therapy for many difficult conditions, assisting the body in healing itself, particularly with respect to edema and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Extensive studies suggest an enhanced circulatory effect. It is assumed that these results are related to stabilization of the cell wall by modulating micropore size, and by alteration in the electromagnetic fields. Enhanced circulation may result in avoiding edema and slowing of blood flow. These would be important factors in limiting edema of the lower legs and avoiding DVT

Medical science has long established that heat increases blood circulation to the site of the injury. Increased circulation speeds up the removal of accumulated fluids that cause stiffness and swelling. This, in turn, speeds up the natural healing process ensuring a quicker return to fitness.

As we know, blood transports oxygen and nutrients from our cells to wounds and weaknesses, assisting in its healing process. Interference with this transportation prolongs recovery. Research shows that healing is slowed, or perhaps even stopped, if there is repeated deprivation of blood supply from the area in question.

Farabloc's ability to reduce muscle pain and injury after exercise was demonstrated in a study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, Philadelphia PA, which examined blood serum levels of five markers that indicate muscle damage, pain and inflammation. In the strength testing, it took the placebo group four days to recover to the strength levels the Farabloc group reached at just 24 hours after exercise, demonstrating Farabloc's ability to speed recovery from muscle injuries and athletic training. The Farabloc Thigh Wrap was used in this study.





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