Pain Management      Amputee Phantom Pain led to the Invention of Farabloc High Tech. 25 Years of Pain Research!

柏克® Farabloc 醫療級護腰護膝系列 源自於疼痛復健的研究...

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Phantom Pain
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About Farabloc

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What is Farabloc?Rudolf Kempe

Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, contains extremely fine stainless steel fibres and nylon, with an appearance similar to linen. This drug-free product has a significant shielding effect on high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) while permitting low frequency EMF through which stabilize the cell by polarization. Farabloc has been extensively researched and is successfully used by many people in dealing with conditions causing chronic pain, such as phantom limb pain, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports related muscle soreness, menstrual pain, fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic disorder.

The Farabloc Story

Frieder Karl Kempe, a native of Erlangen, Bavaria grew up in a house of pain. His father, Rudolf Kempe, a successful businessman, suffered excruciating phantom limb pain. He had lost a leg in 1944 in the legendary World War II battle of Monte Cassino. His son Frieder, an engineering and science student, became intrigued by the Faraday Cage, the 19th century work of British scientist Michael Faraday.

He had noted that his father's pain often seemed to be weather related - "Whenever the pain came, my father would predict rain. I realized that his scar had no healthy skin covering, hence no protection from electromagnetic fields."

Frieder wondered if a "second skin" - the principle of a Faraday Cage - might shield sensitive tissue, calm damaged nerve ends and stimulate blood circulation.

This began what has become a 30-year personal odyssey. After studying engineering, Kempe began work on a prototype covering, which he tested on his father. By 1978, he'd developed a thin fabric cloth with interwoven metal fibres that significantly reduced his father's pain. He named the product Farabloc.

Frieder Karl Kempe - biographical notesFrieder Kempe

Frieder Kempe is a businessman active in both his native Bavaria and in Canada, with investments including real estate, agriculture, gravel pits, major motorway service centres and health products. Mr. Kempe and his wife Irene first visited Canada in 1978. They became permanent residents and landed immigrants in 1985. All four of their children, aged 16-20, fluent in both German and English, are Canadian citizens, born and educated in Canada. The family resides in Coquitlam, B.C., a Vancouver suburb.

Mr. Kempe's father was a visionary German businessman who, in the aftermath of World War II, anticipated the reconstruction and expansion of Germany's Autostrada and the need of major oil companies to secure firm title to service station locations. He assisted in assembling these properties and also acquired gravel pits to supply the construction. Frieder, beginning in his teen-years and after leaving university, worked in and subsequently became instrumental in building the family business.


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